my favorite shop in barcelona
is both an artist's studio & residence
with the shop in front
called merengue


some people might think
it is too much work all these
things overlapping into a giant
work/life sandwich, i say

if you love what you do
why not live inside

the oyster

anado mclauchlin

i love richard and anado
two of the nicest blokes
one could ever know

and handsome too!

this picture particularly haunts me
with added love because you can see
the homage i created for the two love-birds
at the top of the stairs in the top center
of the photo

i am the microcosm of the macrocosm
which is a microcosm in the macrocosm
of the great unknown. except i know

i love knowing i am part of their
other-worldly abode

i know
i love knowing them and i love knowing
that every succulent glowing and divine
detail of anado's shimmering work
makes me make more non-linear sense
(my favorite kind)
of my very own life

not only that but i am grateful for
their willingness to share so much
of their lives together

hallelujah & deja-vu

my first ad!

today i am expanding my blog and posting my first
of many new ads

the ad is for sark

now most people have heard of sark
before they could even read, ha
but i came to her later in life. i don't know why.
maybe i needed the surprise that day.

i love sark's endless optimism and diy attitude
i love that her books have that handmade quality
like a friend made a gift for you
and i love that she is a sister.

i also love people who love what they do
for a living. it is invigorating to me.

and the same goes with posting ads
i was never really aware of the idea
or maybe it is more honest to say
i just glazed over them until now.

so i got kind of excited to post my first ad
and hope that you get excited too.

so, here is one interesting program
the life coach, sark, has conjured:

and more to come

eerie green

my new favorite
iphone app is available

and i am ruined for anything else

dark light dark
green where it shouldn't be
red where there is already too much

and god i love you and god i love loving

random mistakes


made my day

just yesterday i was wallowing
swaying saying handwritten letters
are so romantic that i physically
and psychically miss them

miss pouring over them
holding them

examining the letters, the craft
the odd mistake

now i find balthazar
who will not only write you a letter
but send it to you too

he is an imaginary sailor

i think i am in love

monica cook

monica cook
is doing my head in

i have not seen painting like this in a long time
if ever

let me know what you think
personally, i am floored

in a very strange way