catalina estrada

most people know catalina estrada
by now
she is the kind of girl that wins your heart
at first glance

i met catalina in barcelona 
a few times and when i spoke 
at the offf conference there

she is kind, humble,
talented and just plain

sugar and the art of little things

my trip to new zealand was a success

i had the chance to meet with a lot 
of interesting people, do some 
great work, and sneak in some
sight-seeing, always a rare treat

i met with the folks from saatchi & saatchi 
who i have had the great pleasure of 
working with in the past

i love the questions people ask
after a presentation 

i am grateful for the feedback
they give
because working freelance sometimes
is like wandering inside plastic snow dome

romantic but a little

on certain days

candy sushi

a few weeks ago i did a little test-shoot
at my friend kaye's house

and look what happened

candy sushi

coco chanel

sometimes i think 
my relationship with coco chanel
is unhealthy 

and then i remember 
it came from

liz wolfe

liz wolfe 
is one of those people 
who can take something very difficult 
make it look tempting 
and easy

she takes photographs of stunning, 
sumptuous things and then
rings a little macabre bell
overtop of each one of them

i adore her. i hope
you will too

lost red

i photograph every day things
every day

some of them seem 
extraordinary and some
seem out of place

i am not sure why but
there is something 
very sad
to me about this piece

a lost red hanging
on the wall


it should be somewhere else



one of my favourite things about travelling 
is the people you meet. 

there were 2 lovely girls 
staying on my floor at the hotel

they were studying to be make-up artists 
and would practice their craft in the evening 
on the boys.



i have always been a little rococo
as you may know
or this may surprise you
but it is true

so i don't mind the ritz
or the st. regis 
or even the W if i am feeling
anachronistic but

this time
i tried a budget hotel
just to prove i could do it

and i failed
so i dressed it up


anna church

and another ultra-pretty stylist from new zealand is

we are meant to meet this week if things go
as planned. i adore her homepage
and the phrase she uses 
to describe her work:

"art of aesthetic arrangement"

doesn't that sound good?

a feisty cherry

i think i am drawn to small things 
because i travel so much

this sexy little cherry fell off the set
into a bed of blue feathers meant
to be kept pristine

i like its style

this cherry says
no one controls me
i am marachino

i am the cherry on top
suck on that!

sugar power

i am working on a photo shoot
here in auckland and always
like to set up test shots
before the real ones

they are often blurry, slightly
off-kilter and messy but
they are fun

like a little night out 
on the town
with the girls

all dolled up
with your best threads
and costume trinkets
and a sense of 


katie lockhart

another brilliant thing about auckland
is the wonderful katie lockhart

she is pretty punk rock in my estimation
of stylists, using all sorts
of materials that would be conventionally
frowned upon

taxidermy, bruised bananas, cardboard,
sexually charged gouged papayas,
and beautiful silvery slimy fish


she manages to pull a sad beauty
from everything she touches
and i look forward to meeting her
very much next week

things i like about auckland

- the garbage bags are pink

- it is lush and green and that tropical kind of pretty 
but there are goths everywhere

- people sound nice and some have tattoos 
on their faces

- places that should be swarming with people
are all tranquil and almost twilight zoned

- it reminds me of someone i knew once
but lost contact with. someone special

crawling toward love

did you ever feel like you were crawling
toward love, like everything you did
was happening on all fours

like you were grappling
grasping at strings
and incompetent

like you had to drag yourself through
mud to get there

even though it was the
prettiest place on earth
it no longer came easy

it was no longer a ferry ride
just over there

it was something you had to crawl to
and lay flat on top of 

just so

you could never lose it

learning about the art of styling

i am on a voyage. sea born creatures
emerge from the foam, rise
above the green and spray
iridescence everywhere

into fractured light
this ocean

loves sea creatures
and being nowhere

i know nothing but
i am learning 

thankfully there are other sailors
out there who do not hide
their ropes or make secret
the art of knots

one girl i am particularly enamored with
this moment

it seems everyone i contact supports the idea
of me becoming a stylist, even near-strangers

again, the ever-so-lovely deborah mclean

who i had the pleasure of working with
sent me this treasure trove
of delights

martha rich

martha rich makes me crazy
always has

her sense of humor
sophisticated use of color
and lovingly rendered

i can't imagine a painter
i'd more enjoy
having over for dinner
at my place

i love the circus

especially arthur's circus and i am not the only one

luckily, i got the chance
to meet natalie and 
the little man
arthur himself

she and i will be collaborating
later this month and i am
all butterflies in the stomach
over it

wish us luck
in 7th heaven

aka arthur's circus

mr. galliano you are killing me

just when i thought i could have
a relaxing evening in front of
the television

dressed as a simple show-girl
you had to taunt me with your

now there will be no sleep
under so many lids
and petals

what to wear tonight

trying to decide what to wear tonight
not going any place special, just
like the idea of getting all dolled up
to watch television

like a true show-girl

isabella blow

isabella blow makes me feel sadhappy
sadhappy because she was amazing
and now she is 


the wow factor

i had a sort of david la chapelle day
today. if you know what i mean.

a houseboat in amsterdam

i finally had time to sink my teeth into 
the layered world of pia jane bijkerk
and lord am i better off for it

pia is that kind of girl who has the 
midas touch 
and masters everything with
the ease of any virtuoso

making the most complex things
appear a light breeze of effort 

to an untamed hand


i was sent the site of jen gotch.
a very inspiring girl. there is a softness
in her work and a penchant for writing
just enough to make you ache for more.

i adore her

and you will too


did you ever meet someone
and just go bezerk over how
god damn pretty their brain was

well, i did today
and she writes things like:

"Give me this dress and a 
pack of Tylenol and I am ready to go."

a little story about james jean

one lonely sunday i discovered james jean.

i was at home alone and felt suddenly much like 
the girl in this picture. glow-soaked.
i was so overwhelmed with his work that i had to
write him a letter. 

like many letters i've written, i wrote a kind of poem 
in the dark. not thinking he would reply. just 
wanting to send an arrow of love.

you know
a billet-doux

but suddenly the sky opened up and the 
best thing happened. a thousand butterflies
not only did he reply in kind 
but complimented me on an interview
he had just read on pixelsurgeon.

wild luck, i say
wild luck.


if you don't already know pes, you will be very happy
today to find him.


european rooms

in researching stylists i found pia jane bijkerk.
her blog is wonderful. as is her work.

this image is pulled from a magazine called
inside out and leaves me breathless. it reminds
me of traveling through europe and walking into
rooms that take your breath away. i always feel
closer to ghosts and being haunted when i am 
there but in a really, really pretty way.

pip & pop

pip & pop make me happy. 

their work is incredible. it is ephemeral,
detailed, delicate, enthusiastic, surreal,
sweet and sticky. 

i would like to be a tour guide.

my friend kaye

my friend kaye is great in many ways. too many to list
here. plus you might get jealous. 

she is pretty and nice and she can speak japanese
and she is funny and her paintings will make you 
cry and levitate at the same time.

i am going to build a magical website for her to
showcase all her uber-beautiful work.

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wish jar

everybody needs a little wish jar.
keri smith never fails to impress.

lovely lucy

i just discovered lucy and her wonderful world

her interview with sibella court
makes me feel inspired

a long pretty sigh

deborah mclean

can you say "fabulous"? i think you can.
she embodies it. and i have got a taste for it.
plus she is one of the coolest people i have met.

a strawberry cake

a fascination with food and prop styling led me to
start experimenting with my props in my 
own illustration work.

i built multiple microcosmic still-life images in 
my studio, lit and photographed them, and then
began to play with the images graphically.

you can see more 
at the new and improved lint museum

the art of little things

my name is sugar. i have been working as a freelance 

award-winning illustrator for many years. i have illustrated

for ad agencies, book publishers, newspapers, magazines,

film companies and the music industry.

i am an avid traveller. a bit of a gypsy, really. 

i have a master's degree in animation and a bachelor degree 

in art history. i put myself through school cooking for swiss 

catering companies and making elaborate treats 

at swiss bakeries. 

i want to find a way to combine all my loves and recently 

unearthed the art of styling. 

it is like it was in front of me the whole time. 

like some kind of fairy-tale.

my aim now is to work with food and prop stylists to learn 

about the aesthetics of arrangement as well as the mechanics

of the business as a whole. 

i'd eventually like fold that knowledge back into my own artwork.

you can see a spark of that at my new site

my new mascot for my new website

everyone loves a pretty mascot
so let's start this out on the right foot

version 2 is now live.