ever feel like you are being followed or
someone is saying the same thing to you
they might have said to your other self

or maybe you are being blamed for things
you never did or haunted
by a feeling of being doubled

i found increasing evidence this week
that i have a twin a
self that i have never seen a
secret self

walking the streets
posing as me

saying "hi, i am sugar
...o yes how i do love grapes and potatoes"
and persuading people to listen to a whole load 
of other malarky

well, just
beware is all i can muster
at this point

though the clues are mounting i am still
building my case


what do hand-cuffs, white lotion,
simulated body parts, earth and
flocked psuedo-computers all
have in common?

the jewelry show 
called schmuck
at the 
rmit gallery in melbourne

i haven't seen anything like it



there are so many different kinds of stylists.
there are food, table-top, wardrobe and 
costume, interior and the list goes on.

in my search for intriguing stylists
i have come across a few people
who lead just plain interesting

what makes them interesting 
i think 
is a kind of intimacy they are willing
to share with regard to their work

this is certainly true of photo stylist

kat macleod

kat mcleod
is a favorite illustrator too

ethereal, playful
sometimes kinda
somber or

sad like a rainy day sad

her work is really 
worth a peek

oslo davis

one artist
i particularly love
at the jacky winter group

oslo davis

he is witty and
dark a little
and good
in all the right


the hatch

i am very lucky to work with a few
really great agents 

the hatch is an offshoot
from the jacky winter group
and is very special

take a look.


as i learn about styling
food and props 
with various stylists, i have started
to play with some of the tricks
of the trade

and what better way to showcase
this garden of interior delights
than the polaroid

pure joy

i will build a little 
online shop to house 

these moments

paula sanz caballero

paula sanz caballero not only has
a great name but the most
clever and heart-wrenching

delicate, sophisticated
dare i say deluxe
using the very fabrics
and techniques they
often feature

makes me feel like
a bit of a dumb-ass

but that is pretty
easy to do