won site of the day!

won site of the day at the wonerful taxi


very happy about that


magazine illustration

i recently created an illustration for
the wonderful magazine ascent


the article was about star-gazing

and i couldn't imagine a better subject
to draw from

saatchi & saatchi

this is a sketch i did for an upcoming
series of ads for saatchi & saatchi

they were not only lovely people
to collaborate with but the success
of this project will be featured
in an upcoming issue of desktop magazine


the idea was to illustrate daydreaming

imagine me

doing that

k10k nice review

got a nice little review
over at


about the www.pixelsurgeon.com
interview and the lint museum

i am blowing kisses at
all of you nice folks

over there

art show

made 36 pieces for an art show
based loosely on love and cussing

i sold most of them which was
enough impetus to begin a new series

of 1001 paintings

and stave off the inevitable
a while

interview on pixelsurgeon

my intereview at www.pixelsurgeon.com
is up and

it's a doozy

i have 3 more interviews
coming up this month

so lookout

people will be overdosing on lint

all over the world

the heat of the moment

and then i woke up
and i remembered the evening
in flashes backward

as you do

stading in the kitchen
with one arm up
forefinger extended
to the roof

knees bent
rockin roll style


and proceeding to sing along
"heat of the moment"
at the top of my lungs

then dance

like a shaved turtle

it was at that point i also remember
the look on my guests' faces

a novelist and another esteemed collegue
who came to buy some paintings

and i remember their faces
becoming quite blank

and i remember them earlier in the evening
seeming much less frightened

and then i remember them leaving

and somewhere in the middle of it all i remember
someone asking if i was okay

i was okay

i had a great time

i hope you did as well

the moment of suspension

there is nothing quite like
blowing a bubble

a really big pink it-is-the-middle-of-summer kind of bubble

sometimes love is like that

a giant pink fucking bubble
that grows sweeter and sweeter filling with air
taut, near-floating

then bang!
the motion slows


to a complete mess