and the message is

if this little fellow isn't telling me
to just go for it

i mean balls out
go for it

then there is no excuse for that

unless he is playing frisbee



i get it i am SO naive


it's the eye of the tiger

whilst in mexico
i found this angel
and my companion was busy
dry humping everything in sight

the angel and i
had a sort of communion

which was strange because
it was all done through the
exchange of our favourite
rock lyrics

i love low-maintenance ladies, as i am one of them.

ain't she just sumthin? thump. thump.
goes my heart.

if you haven't found it yet i will give it to you

if you haven't found this yet.
here it is. i am sharing because i love you.

i hate/love everything

another one of my favorite sites
dark and dreary then just when
the light is out, the bright humor
gleams through.varied, unpredictable
and just plain fantastic.

i love everything.

i do.

i love daydream lily

her sensibility is very pretty and she posts the most
poignant entries. this is the kind of girl i'd like to meet
cause we'd never stop talking. slumber party style.

(i'd hope).

pretty pretty yum yum

i love this site. makes me feel like a little
kid only in tokyo. i like tokyo.

maybe also cause it reminds me
of my friend kaye.

i love her too.

(even more than tokyo)