i don't know

maybe i could grow up, make
larger hands and shake
my baby teeth from the palms
of memory

maybe i could be
more serious, save more money
listen to the news and
grey silver faster

but i might rather
eat sugar beans
wear soft pyjamas
be read to

and scrape my knee
while trying to juggle


falling through time

sometimes it feels like i am falling through time
and all the horse-shoes are clunking me
on the head
and all the bright ravens are dead

or dying with me

sometimes it feels like i am coiled like a black snake
suspended in some wild hypnotism, heated
while being slurped into the bottom of trouble

but whenever i am sullied there
i never underestimate
the muddied



some people are not very interesting
so i stare at

my polka-dots

little bees

little bees with little knees
hop around the middle of the table


i admit it

i once went home with
a musician
from a rock band

but he played

what would you have done!?

ice ring

i like wedding cakes


i like weddings
and if i were to get married

i would want a ring
made from a perfect

ice cube

the allure of lures

whether they are earrings or fishing lures
or eyes wide open
the allure of lures is in their

razzle dazzle

not their


rock concerts

we went to the kiss concert together
and we completely ignored each other

i ignored you because
i really liked you
and i am not sure why
you ignored me but

i always figured
it had something to do with your teeth
which were so white it was like

you'd never opened your mouth before

and i got to thinking
about the first time i met you

and all the times after that when
we would just sort of look at each other
wide-eyed and not really speak

and then, years later,
when we did get around to talking

it wasn't all that interesting anyway
more like a roller coaster ride slowly ending

like when that fast car lulls into a final



maybe you were right, maybe
some things are meant
to be secrets

slightly obscured from view, maybe

we don't need to know everything
we should keep the riper things

hidden, just
suggesting their existence

by moving speechless light across them
from time to time

in a gesture of


the bar

once in a while
i go to the bar

and i drink
until i feel


i need to know
the harmonies
of those notes

bjork said
once in an interview

that everybody has some way
of putting themselves
in a trance

for her it was singing


you are my favorite!
this is your pencil case

you are my favorite!

this is your heart here
softly nestled within mine

i am taking care of it
you are my favorite!

i want to make you
a reliquary of trophies

for all your good qualities

you are my favorite!

you amaze me



billy was a bit of a pig

never considered others
in his daily routine

glutonous numbskull
that he was

but like most
greedy little piglets

billy was a snappy



i want to fold myself into tiny
squares, slowly smaller
and smaller
to fit
into your mouth
when you are hungry

i want
to fold myself down to
pocket-size so
you can take me along with you

when you go

i want to fold myself
into neater sections
so you can comprehend me

i want to fold myself down
so i am neat, white squares
and perfect

but i am forever


into newer things

one day, maybe

one day, maybe
we will live in a trailer home

maybe it will have wheels
and plastic seating

i think
we could keep a lot of cookies
in the cupboards and invite

strangers over for tea

poured into halloween orange
cups and saucers, maybe

you would have a beautiful brown suit

maybe you would make rabbits
out of lego, maybe

you would make our christmas tree
one year

from tin foil and hairclips
with real popcorn strapped on to it, maybe

i would cover you with so many presents and crayons
on your birthday that you could barely
sit up in the bed

maybe someday
we could live in a trailer home
and wheel around

our love

like a marching band


my mom is a pixie
born from the enchanted forest
you should see her

all sparkle-eyed and high from breathing

she is on a trip around the world
and i am proud of her

candy factory

we stood at the candy factory
this weekend

and watched them make
candy canes

stretching out the limits of sugar + water
into blood and golden threads

it was stupendous to behold and
i am thinking

i would like a new career
as a candy maker

i think i would be finally


french fries

i want to keep these french fries as pets

with their little mustachios and their
skinny antlers they look like

they would be good fun
frolicking in the park

or scaring the shit out of people
when you took them, wriggling
and speaking with thick french accents,
out of

your pocket

pink feathers

this is my most excellent friend

i call him that because *sometimes*
he mumbles and other times

he says the most exquisite and beautiful

he is a kind of transcendental

only he is
real young still

licorice all sorts

these are knitted licorice all sorts

stop it!

they are so pretty

it is hurting me!

little deaths

little deaths don't frighten me
as much

as big deaths


7 things

a long weekend
green grass
ice cold beer

a man who plays every song from the musical hair
on the piano

a hammer

brass nails

a soft pillow


something funny happens
when you put a man in a wig

or anyone
for that matter


i love watching you smoke cigarettes
you look so tall and mean you

mean what you say you
concentrate on nothing
but white light you

look like you could
kill someone in an instant you

are so fine-tuned so
focused i could



every once in a while
i get lost
in the dark woods


i can't find my way back

but some strange birds
seem to lift me
from the quagmire
to the surge again

and then slowly to desire and

when i look back

i am thankful for
the contrasts


nothing fascinates me more
than little worlds within worlds

sometimes i think i've come from another world


by munchkins

the fridge

it is a good thing
to have a full fridge

it is a kind of tea-leaf reading
waiting to happen

o i think food
says a lot about a person

when you are in the check-out line
and the single lady has
17 slim yogurts
and an apple

and the bachelor
you can spot
from a mile away

with his steak and instant

and the mother of three
who needs two trolleys

and me

buying strawberries, flowers,
and champagne

just praying
for a reconcilliation


people look at you funny
when you smile too much

they seem to get
really disturbed by it


you meet another smiler
and then you know
that they know
that you know

and everything is at peace
for a super split second