seren in wonderland

seren my muse.

there is nothing in the world as rewarding as praise from someone 
who really knows you. if you haven't read seren's "living opals" blog
then you may not know what it is like to stare into the face of wonder.

intelligent beyond her years, talented beyond reason, gorgeous, 
glorious friend and partner in crime.

love you kid.
so much.

a new illustration

this is a new illustration i made for a magazine
about looking at the upside of the recession.

i have started building dioramas and illustrating
over the top of them. thanks to the work i am doing 
with prop stylists, am able to add touches of delight 
unforeseen in that technical peanut sized place
in my brain.

which is to say, i am learning and i love
to learn. keeps me supple.