falling down the rabbit hole

i have been falling down the rabbit hole
a lot lately

so much is happening
i don't know where to start

sometimes i feel like white light
is pouring through me
and that is a sharp contrast

to how i felt this time
last year

which is why i want to document it
to remember

that happiness is always on the other side
of despair


i am humbled and delighted to say
that the illustrations i did for saatchi & saatchi
have been short-listed for illustration of the year
at desktop magazine's create: awards.

i very much look forward to the outcome of this one
and, in the meantime, you can take a closer look at
the work in the june edition of desktop magazine.

many thanks to saatchi & saatchi for being so
damn wonderful to work with.


sometimes i like to celebrate
for no apparent reason

celebrate nothing

or everything breathing and moving
around me

sometimes i like to celebrate
by wearing elaborate costumes

i like to celebrate by holding you
in a small cup of rainwater
and remembering your reflection

when we were small
we would celebrate

with snowballs or slurpees or
ding dongs

now i celebrate with stronger liquids
but the joy

is just
as complete

won powagirrrls award at netdiver.net

happy to say

i made it into the esteemed powagirrrls section

over at http://www.netdiver.net/powagirrrls/

now this is an honor i have coveted

for years

thanks so much!