the tongue

is it wrong to still love
gene simmons

at the ripe age



(a friend wants to know)

empty spaces

i like empty spaces because
they swell within the realm
of possibility

i think

that is why i like the desert so much
kind of fuller there

like anything is possible
and yet so calm

i love the empty streets
just after a rain has come

or when you walk home real late
and it is like everyone


i love my empty bed
just after the sheets are washed

because it is so cold
and so warm with memory

a kind of show-down
between dream

and something other than


candy floss

i have this thing
for candy floss

and it just ain't

going away


still feeling like
the world is spinning
faster than
i can hold on to

flying saucers

i have a fascination
with both

hubcaps and flying saucers

not moving in unison
but wait

maybe that would be nice and
come to mention it

i can't help thinking about
mashed potatoes either

when i am in their company

gum party

did you ever eat, like, 5 packs of gum
piece by piece

until the flavor ran out of each
and every piece

and did it make you feel, well

kind of dirty


me either

a heart collection

found things

sometimes you can
find a rainbow in a

dirty glove

little toes

since this is a tribute to
the little things

i don't think i could proceed
with a clear conscience
without mentioning
my boyfriend's toes

as they are antennae

to another world

dizzy spells

i have been getting dizzy spells
like when you are on those rides
and your body is completely
out of synch with

your mind

like they exist in two separate places
and are scrambling desperately
to get back to each other

only they behave more like
magnets repelling

or very naughty
little children

who scatter
when you try to chuck them

into bed


come on now

clowns are not so scary

and who ever said

they get drunk and eat

little levers

i wish i had a little lever
attached to me
so i could just

slow things down

when necessary

make them swoosh
or become a slow motion
action scene

like in the movies

i wish i could hit instant replay
and then alter the data


my boyfriend said

he is going to make a t-shirt
which says

"my inner child
is a snarky little bitch too"

the mall

not many people i know
like the mall

but i love it
it is a field of color
and wild sculptures

a universe of absurd
and plastic

unparalled anywhere else
except, maybe

the dump


these bunnies are wearing sunglasses
and it looks like some kind of tennis visors
but they very well might be panties

on their heads

that is cool
i think if i had
a little collection of bunnies
i would probably dress them in tiny
tuxedos or clown suits

or at the very least

teach them to juggle

soda pop

i think if i made a soda pop
it would have a label something like this

or it would just say:




and that got me to thinking
if i ever made a wine label

it would be black
and small white letters would
simply say

'drink me'

"we can't do it without the rose"

this image always reminds me of
joseph beuys

i think the first time i saw him
was the first time i understood
the word


miniature things

i have always adored miniature things

not because they make me feel giant
but because they are vulnerable

and open the world up tenfold
in size

i think it is the stuff that enlarges
the heart that i am drawn to

things which need me to spoon out
all the goodness i have
stored within

in turn
making room

for more

more kisses!

7 things

red liqour





colors are vitamins for the soul

ice hotels

ice hotels kill me

fur and ice
white linen

made from water

what could you possibly

to make it better

word of the day: eldritch

eldritch \EL-drich\, adjective:
Strange; unearthly; weird; eerie.

since feeling is first

i think i have mentioned
my penchant for kissing

well, i love it and ee cummings
in equal measure

"since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you"

ee cummings

shoe collection

i am trying to get some
books published this year

for years
i have been hand-making them

much like a cobbler
fashioning every
sequin and nail

creating variety

building them from the heart

these books are small concrete reflections
of places i have been

some are glamorous and green
some are black boots, muddied
and some are velet and serene

what ties them all together is their destiny

to be pulled up and down from the shelf

still dazzling
after their stories

have been worn in

empty restaurants

i don't mind
waiting in empty restaurants
for the people i love

to arrive

empty restaurants
are like holograms of time

and suddenly everything becomes

the little girl

i read something the other day
about marriage being a life-long
conversation with another person

and that sounded really beautiful
to me

it is not about resolving or agreeing
all the time but, rather, an on-going
open dialogue with another human being
you respect

and that got me to thinking about
my relationship with myself
and how it could be treated in the same way

as an ongoing dialogue
with someone i respect

i think this is especially important
when i am talking to

the little girl

our wires keep crossing

our wires keep crossing
into drawings which deeply
resemble guns

but the laces are connected
directly to heart strings

not war

giant strawberries

lia and i spent some time
laughing at the size
of the giant strawberries

she wrestled from the


last night i had a dream
within a dream

like those drawings
on cereal boxes
that go on forever

only infinity
is not such a small thing


beauty is not two-fold
but a multiplicity of things

like a woman who is a firecracker,
collects carnivorous plants,
eats rattlesnake and
breathes the same air

as the fire angels


he said i could have his skeleton
when he died

he gave me his bones

word of the day: gewgaw

gewgaw \G(Y)OO-gaw\, noun:
A showy trifle; a trinket; a bauble.

2 brothers

ebert is a lucky charm
leads a charmed life
and yet, somehow, is still cursed

he wins at the casino constantly
but has been mugged on a few occasions

i love him because whatever he does
win or lose

he survives
with style

his brother is magic troll
come from the forest
with a wooden arm
and a heart to match it

i saw him catch a fish
with his bare hand

they are not just brothers

they are friends

and always stay close
to the lagoon

a tiny red stain

a tiny red stain
shaped like a vein of love
burst onto the sheet

reminding us

we're human


sometimes you just get stuck
in something juicy and

cannot escape


don't be sad little tiger

we will take you
to the snowball factory

and let you eat raspberries
for dinner


i suppose i do want a baby but
they don't just pop out

of thin air

now do they

or do they

thomas vogel

i have a friend named thomas
and he is one of the most beautiful people
i have ever known

his last name
translates as bird

which is interesting
because his arms are covered
with giant angels

and his heart has giant wings

i'll show you fascinating, buddy

a bowl of fuck

well, hm



why not?