very happy to announce i have been included
in the "collage" issue of IdN magazine

it is a beautiful issue
get your hands on it if you can

saatchi & saatchi

just finished a series of illustrations
for saatchi & saatchi, new zealand

i had a lot of fun making these.
if you'd like a closer look, see
the "work" section of the lint museum.

the bar

i like going to the bar
they say
it ain't that healthy
for you

to be breathing in smoke
and drinking liquor but
i don't know

i find it strangely


kudos magazine

will be featured in this month's
kudos magazine

the image is part homage to dita von teese and
part secret fantasy
to bathe in veuve cliquot

or at least drink it from my manolo blahniks

nevermind all that though
we all know i am a tom-boy at heart

and just need to slip once in a while
into a glass of champagne to

even the score


been pitching ideas this week and having
a lot of fun with knorr

this half - swiss girl
is inspired by the flavors of childhood

and wandering

still not finished but
i think they are coming along well

offf barcelona 2007

i just finished my presentation
at offf in barcelona and

so many things happened
to me there

like a new sugar was unleashed

because i wandered so far outside of my body
to do it

that when i came back
it was a new self
which i had never explored

like i had laundered
my soul

or something

or maybe it was just the streets
of barcelona

black little riddles
tied together with ribbons and smoke

making the mind's eye


a lot of good news

there is so much good news that i want
to stuff it all in one entry like a present
that is so full you cannot even close
the box

so i found this heart-shaped pepper
on my pizza and
if that wasn't good enough

- i was invited to speak at OFFF 2007

- i have a 10-page feature in Design Graphics
you can download and read the whole thing here

- i signed with a new agency in Paris Creative Syndicate

- and i pitched for a major soft drink

so i would have to say these are

apple days
and i am grateful


sometimes there is nothing prettier
than a man's crotch

maybe a man's crotch split
at the seams

seemingly innocent but
inevitably conjuring
both sexes
at once

soft spot

i have a soft spot for the accordian
and playing hands
folding over notes

i know i am not alone in this
but will somebody
please stand up and admit it

unleash the closeted


blog city

i joined 2 really cool blogs today

(apologies to those who invited me for the time lapse)

if you get the chance
check them out

they are both really wonderful:

sugar frosted goodness


on my desk