bubble talk

did you ever start talking
to someone and feel like
it was all bubbles and smoke
to them? did you

ever hear yourself
say something and
it was underwater

did you ever
lay across your bed
and cross your legs
like a school-girl
when talking became
so delightful

you did not know what else
to do

i suppose the thread there
is that the words reaching
someone are rare and
suddenly you become

a mermaid when



i am watching a man on a rooftop
smoking a cigarette looking down
on the world wondering whether
to jump or start a revolution

i am watching a man on a rooftop
who looks like he shouldn't be there
but he likes that it is dangerous and now

i am watching that man look straight across
at me

sometimes i love pizza

sometimes i love pizza more than anything, really
more than nearly being there
or even being here

but i've been thinking lately
that everything keeps turning faster
no matter what i do
to slow it down

not even pizza helps

i think could write miles about this
but that would even waste more time

in fact i might marry a slice if i had to

i keep thinking of things i want to marry

and fuck