pure love

o my fucking god
how beautiful is this crazy doll

i found it the other day
at my aunt's house

in the swiss alps

i love this man so much
and his moustache is so overwhelming
that i think i want to swallow him


catalina estrada

last night
i went to meet the lovely,
talented, poetic and
incredibly modest

catalina estrada

she took us to see her solo show

at the
iguapop gallery
in barcelona

amazing, inspiring, and fun

the text accompanying the paintings, she explained,
is from columbian folk songs

love songs

after spending a little more time with her and her husband
over drinks i realized how incredibly sincere
her pictures are

and i might have got a little
choked up

if i wasn't just so overwhelmed
by happiness

the enigma of sugar power

fresh off the shelf

the latest issue #13 of designer magazine
out of singapore has featured my work
in a double page spread and interview

entitled: the enigma of sugar power

it is a pretty good read i suppose
if you like enigmas and/or
sugar power

even if you don't
the entire issue is
impeccably written
and visually constructed

sugar power doll

as part of a collaborative show in new york city for
living dead dolls

i would like to introduce
the first ever

sugar power doll
complete with moveable parts

the show takes place
october 31st - november 14th 2006
at NYC showroom gallery

the river

i like falling into the river

i fall into the emerald green and cold
most awake feeling that
freezes my body into a tiny

human jewel

or myriad jeweled atoms
flickering with abandon at random points

and a feeling too lost to remember comes back
and everything sad is suddenly fleeting
flushing, rushing abundance and

birds, lizards, and fish swim cumulus
in white green and blue light forever
mesmerized by the inevitable
motion of everything

and yet the specifics
are equally available
in this dream

the man with colored tattoos
like cartoons virtually moving
across his arms as the river records them and
beautiful girls

so many beautiful girls
reminding me

that the world is a treasure trove
and everyone breathes the same air
with different voices
and poisons flickering through them and out again

circling like helicopters
it is almost
too much to bear

but then i lie down again
beside the green river

and i remember to breathe
being inside it

and what it feels like to be completely alive
inside the dream

a day makes

if you are awake to it

kick boxing

i went to see kick boxing last night and
let me tell you it was
nothing like i thought it would be
it was quite


half dance and a hell of a lot of
punching but

there was a man there who had
only sideburns

nothing else

like an invisible man, really
just a big pair of bushy sideburns

i kind of loved it

i am not sure i am allowed to say it but
the girls in the audience looked tougher
than the boxers

and the boxers in the audience swayed
with the same movements of the men in the ring
shaking the benches

so you knew
who was truly participating and who
was just watching

like the well-groomed businessmen slightly
salivating on the side for some unknown


i was struck with astonishment that i lasted
the evening there and that i fell in love
with at least one

of the boxers

WON illustration of the year

i am very happy to announce
i took home the prize for
illustration of the year

from the desktop create: awards 2006

my lovely friends lia and rosie
accompanied my to the awards ceremony
where the competition was stiff
but i managed to squeeze through
as the winner

gallons of champagne ensued
and i am still recovering

grateful to those who
voted for me

many, many thanks

pop 13

linger too long and you pass through seeing

into seeing something new
or becoming completely distracted

and daydreaming yourself off a cliff

like when you find yourself staring
at someone on the bus

only you were looking through them
into another region
but they don't know that and move

very abruptly from your
field of vision

i fail to see when i linger too long on something

glimpses are often better than
long, drawn out gaping

(unless you are in love
in which case every atom
unleashes universes)

it is good to breathe something in
but not until you forget it

try glimpsing at things
and then try spending one single day

taking nothing
for granted

pop 13


this week i was added to

lost at e minor

a well-written and impecably edited
online collection of artists

run by zolton

and i won't go on and on
about how pretty i think
his name is

spunk interview

new interview is up here:

Spunk United magazine
out of Singapore.

hope you enjoy it!

bad girl

i have been a bad girl
neglecting my news + diary section

it's just that
i have been so busy i might
need to hire an assistant soon

now you can spank me
or you can be my daddy
and buy me a pony

(yes i wrote that because i think it is funny)

featured in DESIGNER magazine

the lint museum will be featured in
the upcoming issue of DESIGNER magazine
out of singapore

it is the INTERACTIVE issue

we had a very funny interview
the other night over the phone

buy it
it is a fantastic magazine
with a great new editor

julian stone

also featured this month
the celebrated
tomato interactive
out of the uk


working on a poster
for rock legends

music vs physics
and 7 other bands

and the bandit musicians
in the poster are
making me want to
open up the costume trunk
at home at

fire on all


i don't know you

i don't know you but i
feel close to you

recognize things in your name
which remind me
of elementary school

i don't know you but i feel you
when i look at your photograph

its as though we've had conversations
about suicide and other life-altering mishaps
in the past

i don't know you, but i

like you
and find myself caring without
even thinking

i don't know you

but i would like to

watch you tie your shoes while
taking sips of coffee

just before we set out
onto that

long path

falling down the rabbit hole

i have been falling down the rabbit hole
a lot lately

so much is happening
i don't know where to start

sometimes i feel like white light
is pouring through me
and that is a sharp contrast

to how i felt this time
last year

which is why i want to document it
to remember

that happiness is always on the other side
of despair


i am humbled and delighted to say
that the illustrations i did for saatchi & saatchi
have been short-listed for illustration of the year
at desktop magazine's create: awards.

i very much look forward to the outcome of this one
and, in the meantime, you can take a closer look at
the work in the june edition of desktop magazine.

many thanks to saatchi & saatchi for being so
damn wonderful to work with.


sometimes i like to celebrate
for no apparent reason

celebrate nothing

or everything breathing and moving
around me

sometimes i like to celebrate
by wearing elaborate costumes

i like to celebrate by holding you
in a small cup of rainwater
and remembering your reflection

when we were small
we would celebrate

with snowballs or slurpees or
ding dongs

now i celebrate with stronger liquids
but the joy

is just
as complete

won powagirrrls award at netdiver.net

happy to say

i made it into the esteemed powagirrrls section

over at http://www.netdiver.net/powagirrrls/

now this is an honor i have coveted

for years

thanks so much!

won site of the day!

won site of the day at the wonerful taxi


very happy about that


magazine illustration

i recently created an illustration for
the wonderful magazine ascent


the article was about star-gazing

and i couldn't imagine a better subject
to draw from

saatchi & saatchi

this is a sketch i did for an upcoming
series of ads for saatchi & saatchi

they were not only lovely people
to collaborate with but the success
of this project will be featured
in an upcoming issue of desktop magazine


the idea was to illustrate daydreaming

imagine me

doing that

k10k nice review

got a nice little review
over at


about the www.pixelsurgeon.com
interview and the lint museum

i am blowing kisses at
all of you nice folks

over there

art show

made 36 pieces for an art show
based loosely on love and cussing

i sold most of them which was
enough impetus to begin a new series

of 1001 paintings

and stave off the inevitable
a while

interview on pixelsurgeon

my intereview at www.pixelsurgeon.com
is up and

it's a doozy

i have 3 more interviews
coming up this month

so lookout

people will be overdosing on lint

all over the world

the heat of the moment

and then i woke up
and i remembered the evening
in flashes backward

as you do

stading in the kitchen
with one arm up
forefinger extended
to the roof

knees bent
rockin roll style


and proceeding to sing along
"heat of the moment"
at the top of my lungs

then dance

like a shaved turtle

it was at that point i also remember
the look on my guests' faces

a novelist and another esteemed collegue
who came to buy some paintings

and i remember their faces
becoming quite blank

and i remember them earlier in the evening
seeming much less frightened

and then i remember them leaving

and somewhere in the middle of it all i remember
someone asking if i was okay

i was okay

i had a great time

i hope you did as well

the moment of suspension

there is nothing quite like
blowing a bubble

a really big pink it-is-the-middle-of-summer kind of bubble

sometimes love is like that

a giant pink fucking bubble
that grows sweeter and sweeter filling with air
taut, near-floating

then bang!
the motion slows


to a complete mess

bad mood

today i am in a really bad mood
like i want to squish

really soft little things

not in a sexy good way but
kind of in a badass way

"screw you soft nice little things"
"you never did nothing but make me miserable"

but then

i can't


they are just

too cute


sometimes i think the world is full of assholes

and that that

is really funny

people who do dumb shit like

o i dont know

stealing cars
lying to their friends
rippin off money
from their mothers' purses

funny because their triumphs are often so
fumbling and pathetic

and then sometimes

i think

the world really is full of
a bunch of dumb assholes

and it makes me

i want

i want the long cool hands of time
to move more slowly over
my body i want

to be showered with love at all times
i want your calm goodness and humor
washing over me at every occasion i want

a small studio of my own inside
an even smaller
garden i want

to invite a man for tea and call him
my husband i want
to be debt free i want

flourishing and flourishes and nourishment
at every turn i want

to be able to sleep at night i want
more serenity and travelling and hope popsicles
flying everywhere i want

caskets made out of bags
stone cold sugar

and i want your heart in my mouth


pink jello

sometimes you just want to live
inside a block of pink jello or

sleep on one
at the very least

i kind of wonder
what it would be like to make
an entire city out of jello or maybe

a roller-rink

i miss the days when
running into you was
akin to dessert

and everything melting all over
with only so much time to eat it

i miss the soft ruin that would come from
pressing ourselves together

and the colors
left on the plate


all that juicy debris
and cream

a good wife

i want to be a good wife, to keep
my slippers clean

the bed sated, the
cupboards full

i want to be a good wife, the
funny kind that makes you split
your pants when you are laughing

i want to be a good wife and listen
to all the atrocities and mundanities
with equal measure i want

to be a good wife and
adorn my husband with garlands of love
and feasts of pheasant

even when it is raining
and we have no money

i want to be a good wife
and tend to the little things
while he is away

sifting through the promises of grandeur

i want to be a good wife
and slide all the nuances of pain and disappointment
underneath the rug

i want to be a good wife
clad in fashionable skirts

and well-kept

juggling a hot sheet of cookies
and a martini as

he walks in the door

finally away

no more


i have this pact
with my friend johnny

that if neither of us
is hitched by 40

we are going to make babies

which is fucking funny
not because this sounds like an episode
from one of those really shitty sitcoms
but because

he is so devastatingly beautiful
that all our babies
would come out looking

like this sculpture

i know a girl

i know a girl
with a little curl

right in the middle of her

no curl

but a world of petals
folding inward

to her gorgeous


small things

small things open up
other universes
of life

when you get lost
in the construction of a word

its architecture suddenly
becomes woody
or grained

it doesnt look right any more
it grows branches

or the forest of your eyelashes
when they are fluttering

my wild oblivion

in your every



black as your heart
and drip coffee

you said

but your heart was red
a real red mush
pulped dread

and feeling everything
you had no

shiny coating no
outer skin to protect you

had no shield

black as your heart
and drip coffee
you said

but everything

made you

in the knees


i've been to america
a few times now

and i have to say

it is very pretty

but its also kind of
a lonely place

they have really nice hills there
and pretty good signage
and wonderful deserts

there are
and a lot of people
who seem to be wandering



or maybe it was just that one mall
i was at



sometimes we tell secrets to ourselves
sometimes we tell them to friends

i prefer
to tell my darkest secrets
to absolute

and then laugh
as i see them
float into the wind

i like talking to strangers
becuase they have something
nice about them and
tabla rasa

often means
you get away
with being really funny

i don't know
maybe it is just because of the movies
and the idea of how two people meet

and the blossoming of friendship

like this morning
when i found myself face to face
with a complete stranger
hunched over the ground
in the center of the city street

his own



i am going to pretend
i am this lady today

and my name will be lulu
or coco or something

i will mainly lay on the beach
and watch the young boys
lap up the waves with their
vanilla arms

i will likely brush my long locks
a lot

and sip ever so subtly from my
eternal martini

i think this evening i will wear
the long gown
you gave me, you know
the silk one

and remove my polka dot bikini
for the day

i will possibly be thinking about sergio
and rudolfo
and my darling new handbag
and, well, everything maybe

but only for split


pink laundry

we used to go to this place
called the pink laundry

and i secretly wished
that meant

all our clothes would become
that malnutritioned red

we used to drive there
in your station wagon

i love brown
station wagons

that hold all that remote
beauty of memory

in their every



when i was a 5

i wanted to be a pirate

maybe not a blood-thirsty
killing kind of pirate but

more of a swashbuckling
snappy dresser daredevil kind

i would wear a leather satchel
strapped diagonally
across my chest and just my

i never got as far as the eye-patch
but i was quite handy with a plastic sword

i am not sure
what got me hooked on pirates but

now that i think of it

i am sure it had something to do with
pippi longstocking

and to this day
i think part of me still resembles her

but maybe it is just

the teeth


i suppose some days
you feel much cleaner than others


and then some days
it is like
your whole soul has been dragged
through the grime

and there is no way to extricate
yourself from the slime

i am winding my way through this now

unfettered by chance

or anything remotely

which is the part

that bores me

the most


i am ready
for amazing things
to happen to me

i am wide open to luck
and sizzling beauty

i want to have magical powers
and treat people
with a kind of dignity
that changes
how they feel

about themselves

i want my luck to be viral

and to leave a trail of great things

i want all my interactions to transform me
at the molecular level

and all my anxieties to find a home
in the trash

i am ready