GOLD and then some!

well i could not be more grateful
the series of billboards i created
for Volkswagen

have been nominated for several awards
including One Show, ADC - Germany and
D&AD...more to follow..

the illustrations will also be published in the amazing
publications: "Creative Review", "Luerzers Archive",
and "American Illustration 27"

pretty overwhelming for this little sugar power

a lot of dreams all coming true at once

the best part of this project was
collaborating with the brilliant

Grabarz & Partners

and, of course, my agent in Germany

Margarethe Hubauer

i had great fun building these little dioramas combining them with
3-d images and traditional illustration

the infinite possibilities of photography, illustration and collage
never cease to propel me into the nether regions

many thanks to all for the recognition
on this very rewarding project


sugar power

Sugar Power for NYC Lotto

another fun project i just finished
was a collaboration with DDB
for NYC Lotto

(also available in full view at the
lint museum)

my mother would be proud

she is a professional gambler
and a very lucky one at that


the london times

i was lucky enough to be invited
to create an image for the london times
"sex question"

to see the full image
and other commercial projects
you can download the sugar power portfolio here:

the lint museum portfolio

you know what is fun?

the more i collaborate with new clients
the more i learn about things i never knew
and the more i remember about things
i already know

ah, the memories

fashion wonderland


i was very excited to have this image published
in Victionary's "Fashion Wonderland" book
which just came out

if you can get your hands on it
it is the most amazing collection of the world's
best fashion illustrators

a true honor for sugar power
to be included among the greats

available here:

victionary's "fashion wonderland


it has been a month of friends visiting
and showing them around
the unbearably complex
and beautiful labyrinth
of buenos aires

seeing everything with fresh eyes
with friends like this

who needs

anything else?

lint museum updates

there have been many updates to my site folks

as i slowly evolve

into something


less crap and more trickery
trompe l'oeil and such
i suppose

just learning how to do things better
and writing poems on rolls of toilet paper
so long i can't sleep at night
or wipe properly in the morning


a novel
i hope

it is suffused with swear words
and transcendental vikings

and vodka

good clean fun

sugar power love

brace yourselves

this is just the beginning of a slew,
no, a veritable onslaught
of entries

from the new and improved sugar power
for all of you
who love me (thankfully) and bait me
to add more often to my much neglected
lint museum diary

thank you for making me feel needed, vital,
and a source of inspiration

lord knows you are that to me
every single day

you know who you are


with all of my

sugar power