a true story

we were walking through a kind of alley way
and i said to my friend

"you are my best friend in this whole world"

i was just feeling happy that we knew each other
and then

suddenly we both looked up

to this

the big wheel

did you ever go to the fair
with your lover
and hold hands

with bellies full of
candied wonder

i did

and it took huge parts of me
and threw the chunks onto the rides

it tore an apple canyon
into my soul

and for several hours
i was in many places

at once

little huts

we were walking along the beach
near mandy's parents house
when i nearly lost my mind

several little huts
lined up like cocktails
all colored in a row!

i chose the striped one
and made it my new home

and filled it
with cupcakes!

little tattoos

amber and i got
matching tattoos

with black hearts

and eternal devotion
sewn into them

little things

i like to photograph
the little things which intrigue me

like piggies at a burlesque show

and the fashionable ladies' cleaveage
which is paralleled by

little pig butts

and imagine

a whole lot of jiggling


i am one of those people
who believes in magic

that is right there
in the palm of your hand

over the moon magic
everyday magic

magic that makes
your meals taste better

and everyone's eyes twinkle

when you look at them

i guess it is kinda movie-of-the-week magic
but it really happens

to me

word of the day: deliquesce

deliquesce \del-ih-KWES\, intransitive verb:
1. To melt away or to disappear as if by melting.


it is tuesday morning
and two amazing things
happened to me yesterday

i found this swell of peace
in my heart and

i ate an entire salmon

now you might think
they are connected

but they happened

as events quite separate from
one another


one day we will get married
and i will wear wild roses
in my hair

and your heart will be sore
from how much you adore



i have a friend named lia
she makes me feel

like a piece of cake

(not eating it!
but actually
as happy as this piece of cake
makes you feel when you look at it!l)


some of the details
in the world

are so pretty
i get hypnotised
for hours

and forget
to eat dinner


i love gilding

it makes me feel
like i am in a


i love sagmeister

i love him so much i want to eat him
or absorb him through my skin

hillmancurtis and sagmeister


i have been thinking alot about keri smith
and andrea scher and other breathtaking women

who have made my life better
not even by knowing them but by
knowing of them

just that they are there
and we are breathing the same air

when i met amber in mexico

my life changed
and now wherever i go

she is there

with me


this was making me laugh really hard
this morning


i had this dream that we were each other
and crossing the river of sticks

i swallowed whole parts of you
and you tasted white

like pale leather and without smoke
i stole your lingering


word of the day: sybarite

sybarite, noun.
A person devoted to luxury and pleasure.

7 things

silent films
long baths