i've said it before and i will say it again
deb mclean
is so darn wonderful

her busy being fabulous blog
is truly flourishing, every time
i revisit it i am swamped,
stumbling and baffled by
all her glorious finds

deb is a food and prop stylist
here in melbourne and i have
worked as her assistant, wishing
that some faint layer of her sparkle 
will rub off on me

some day

take a look at her impeccable work
as well here in her portfolio

tumbalina's empire

a girl named kaye creates dreamy paintings,
fantastic collages, crazy beautiful illustrations
and sometimes sneaks up close enough
to photograph the golden soldiers who protect

Tumbalina's Empire

i designed a website for her to house her genius
and i know you will like it too. come to think of it,
you should come over for happy hour.

we will be having ice-cold vodkas with pomegranate seeds
sprinkled into each glass.

simply divine you say?
why yes, it is.

seren in wonderland

seren my muse.

there is nothing in the world as rewarding as praise from someone 
who really knows you. if you haven't read seren's "living opals" blog
then you may not know what it is like to stare into the face of wonder.

intelligent beyond her years, talented beyond reason, gorgeous, 
glorious friend and partner in crime.

love you kid.
so much.

a new illustration

this is a new illustration i made for a magazine
about looking at the upside of the recession.

i have started building dioramas and illustrating
over the top of them. thanks to the work i am doing 
with prop stylists, am able to add touches of delight 
unforeseen in that technical peanut sized place
in my brain.

which is to say, i am learning and i love
to learn. keeps me supple.


there are bells outside my house.

bells. bells. bells and birds and a parrot who whistles

cat calls when pretty girls walk by.

they are playing now.  a little symphony. 

i just went for a swim.

did i tell you there is a pool

surrounded by hummingbirds?

i have to cry-swim. it is so pretty.

and now the thunder has come out.

i love thunder.

i took a long walk in the sun.

and my legs ache. my face is warm.

there is also a garden. and a little fountain.

and mountains and hot-springs and cobble-stone

streets and many beautiful people's faces.

wrinkled and young. old and just born.


the sun brings such pretty skin

to people who are always outdoors. i am envious

of their health, their pace of living, their children playing

outside on the streets till long after midnight. 

i envy the people standing eating tacos from the night stands illuminated

by old christmas lights. the food, the colors, the flowers everywhere. 

the people surrounded by their families. i want to absorb it all. i want to belong

to it. i don't want to be looking in on it.

i am romantic, yes, but tell me of anything better. even one thing.

better than being with people you love and eating tacos standing

up under the moonlight among the churches and the colored streamers.

tell me one thing. i can't imagine it. nothing is prettier.

the apartment is filled with day of the dead skulls and pinatas.

and the backyard is suffused with cactii. it is perfect for me.

i love it.

which reminds me. i am off to get some of the holy agave.

the numinous cactii, which is really more closely linked

to the lily.

they export all the bad stuff. the tequila here is sacred.

it is god's drink.

and god is everywhere in this place.

and i don't even believe in god. but i feel something so palpable

when i am here.

i want to dissolve into the wind and desert sand and the strange

blossoms that emerge from the cactii. i want to be soluble and 

not made of parts. i want to vanish into the color and lights.

i want to be part of the earth and the sky and no longer 

walk upon it. 

i want to be it.

i want to be water 

and to travel that way.


silver fuck

i am sweltering with delight 
over alexander mcqueen's immutable genius. 

yet, again, i roll over in my sheets in pain and adorable agony 
that i cannot seem to assuage myself with any more images 
sufficient to accompany this post. 
suffice to say

i would die happy 
were my body adorned 
in such a manner.

sweet sweet

bust it out baby. play your song.


yum yum

if you are into channelling your inner harajuku girl
then simply click here

don't worry, you can thank me later
with a hello kitty pez dispenser

o i am a sucker for love

o i am a sucker for love
always have been


if you are 
a sucker too
you will adore delving deeply
into this this site

lindsey loo

more beauty-cuteness
than all my thimbles
could hold

take a look at lindsey loo

a luscious lust red

if you love the ephemeral as much as i do. 
you will find yourself in a land of wonder 

when visiting ms. dextras' works:

sarah beetson

i am being kinda blown away 
by the work of sarah beetson today
you know 
when you have had someone
orbiting your orbit but neither
of you ever quite landed

count me a prisoner on this planet

i cannot leave
she is too good


take a look at the pretty and very intricate
world of the divine linda dolak

excited sigh
(if that's possible)

happy. happy.

let's face it
girls are fun
to look at

they are all
nice and
curvy and

take a look 
at my new 

Illustration Now! 3


the new version of

is coming out

(best illustrators from
around the world!)

Taschen Books

i love you

thank you for including

little miss sugar power

and her lint museum

good things
in 3's

they say

lola devola

hey guys look!

it is my ma, lola devola.

ain't she something?

any fan-mail you wish to
send to her you can send
to me and i will print it out
for her

she is still learning the

i love her i do

hi mom!

my new home

i am going to build a home
and it is going to look
a little something 

like this

pip & pop 2

i know, i know
i have included pip & pop 
before but

mother of pearl

just look at this!

if all our meals were made of those
colorful little flinstones vitamins
maybe, just maybe

we could conjure images like this

on a really, really, really
good day


this girl lolita 
is a real gem

if you ever need a dose of

fall into her blog

it dreams the dreams for you
it is a kind of sigh machine

photo illustration

okay this week's obsession is 

there are many kinds but 
here are a friendly few

just to get you started

photo-illustration 2

or how about marie taillefer

for a little french fashion 
photo illustration

try to say that 
really fast

with a pack of jelly babies
in your mouth

sugar shop

o dear!

i think i forgot to tell you
i opened my very first shop


i am selling 
limited edition prints that 
come with some secret
mystery features

you will have to buy one
to find out

in the meantime
keep checking in

the collection of images
will evolve 



ever feel like you are being followed or
someone is saying the same thing to you
they might have said to your other self

or maybe you are being blamed for things
you never did or haunted
by a feeling of being doubled

i found increasing evidence this week
that i have a twin a
self that i have never seen a
secret self

walking the streets
posing as me

saying "hi, i am sugar
...o yes how i do love grapes and potatoes"
and persuading people to listen to a whole load 
of other malarky

well, just
beware is all i can muster
at this point

though the clues are mounting i am still
building my case


what do hand-cuffs, white lotion,
simulated body parts, earth and
flocked psuedo-computers all
have in common?

the jewelry show 
called schmuck
at the 
rmit gallery in melbourne

i haven't seen anything like it



there are so many different kinds of stylists.
there are food, table-top, wardrobe and 
costume, interior and the list goes on.

in my search for intriguing stylists
i have come across a few people
who lead just plain interesting

what makes them interesting 
i think 
is a kind of intimacy they are willing
to share with regard to their work

this is certainly true of photo stylist

kat macleod

kat mcleod
is a favorite illustrator too

ethereal, playful
sometimes kinda
somber or

sad like a rainy day sad

her work is really 
worth a peek

oslo davis

one artist
i particularly love
at the jacky winter group

oslo davis

he is witty and
dark a little
and good
in all the right


the hatch

i am very lucky to work with a few
really great agents 

the hatch is an offshoot
from the jacky winter group
and is very special

take a look.


as i learn about styling
food and props 
with various stylists, i have started
to play with some of the tricks
of the trade

and what better way to showcase
this garden of interior delights
than the polaroid

pure joy

i will build a little 
online shop to house 

these moments

paula sanz caballero

paula sanz caballero not only has
a great name but the most
clever and heart-wrenching

delicate, sophisticated
dare i say deluxe
using the very fabrics
and techniques they
often feature

makes me feel like
a bit of a dumb-ass

but that is pretty
easy to do

catalina estrada

most people know catalina estrada
by now
she is the kind of girl that wins your heart
at first glance

i met catalina in barcelona 
a few times and when i spoke 
at the offf conference there

she is kind, humble,
talented and just plain

sugar and the art of little things

my trip to new zealand was a success

i had the chance to meet with a lot 
of interesting people, do some 
great work, and sneak in some
sight-seeing, always a rare treat

i met with the folks from saatchi & saatchi 
who i have had the great pleasure of 
working with in the past

i love the questions people ask
after a presentation 

i am grateful for the feedback
they give
because working freelance sometimes
is like wandering inside plastic snow dome

romantic but a little

on certain days