white love

white love is a nice love and
a gift i give to all my friends.

day or night love. white love.
we all glisten when it's received.

a pure thing that happens just


to make a person gleam.

martha is -almost- too rich for my blood

i propose a martha rich day.
i adore her. she makes my jello better.

better better bettter better
better baby.

bento blitz


not my latest but surely one of my greatest pleasures
is the bento box. i am getting my kit together as we spleak
--a word i made up for reading blogs and responding
in your mind--

(we are spleaking now by the way)

more soon...

yes! let us dance on the stove top burning

yes! let us dance on the stove top burning
and dance with all our might

my calves can take it
my heart brims with it
my heels love to burn
just slightly with light

(photo source unknown)

that sex thing

what is that sex thing you got
shimmering there

what is that thing that whispers to me

what hoodlum night is this to send me
down into the streets to find you

what sailor's heart do you taunt
me with

with all my beautiful might
frozen now

and desperate
for only you

i love this white

and the red absence of


i want to be alive

i want to feel alive
i want to kiss you
i want to be alive
i want to kiss you

my desire surrounds me
like a wild serenade my
desire surrounds me like
a house of smoke

my desire peppers my days
with oddities and such
shivering details that

i have to look away

i want to be alive
and to kiss you inside
of all the smoke and
odd wisdom a kiss


i fuckin hate winter, i do

i fuckin hate winter, i do

i know you are supposed to find
some resplendence in it, some solace
some white fire light
that calms

but i don't
i fuckin hate winter and so

like with all things
i hate
i am doing my best
to overcome them

Sebastiaan Bremer
is helping


sometimes we are just floating
in the air or neverland just
doing whatever we do

and then sometimes
we are right bang smack in there
inside of it again

whap! rash

wriggling, squiggling
not so much to get out of it so much as to just
firmly, make some noise

yell out

i don't know which i like better but
i do know when either becomes too colorful
it instantly


my favorite way
to live

claws or gills
i do not care anymore


the trick-master is near

i am here.

but can you see me
or just sense it

i wonder.

design for mankind

i love discovering new things, even if they are old
for others. this is my little discovery for today:


mwahh. big kiss.

yeondoo jung

my new favorite artist is yeondoo jung and her

take a look
i'v got butterflies already

hope you do too

and the message is

if this little fellow isn't telling me
to just go for it

i mean balls out
go for it

then there is no excuse for that

unless he is playing frisbee



i get it i am SO naive


it's the eye of the tiger

whilst in mexico
i found this angel
and my companion was busy
dry humping everything in sight

the angel and i
had a sort of communion

which was strange because
it was all done through the
exchange of our favourite
rock lyrics

i love low-maintenance ladies, as i am one of them.

ain't she just sumthin? thump. thump.
goes my heart.

if you haven't found it yet i will give it to you

if you haven't found this yet.
here it is. i am sharing because i love you.

i hate/love everything

another one of my favorite sites
dark and dreary then just when
the light is out, the bright humor
gleams through.varied, unpredictable
and just plain fantastic.

i love everything.

i do.

i love daydream lily

her sensibility is very pretty and she posts the most
poignant entries. this is the kind of girl i'd like to meet
cause we'd never stop talking. slumber party style.

(i'd hope).

pretty pretty yum yum

i love this site. makes me feel like a little
kid only in tokyo. i like tokyo.

maybe also cause it reminds me
of my friend kaye.

i love her too.

(even more than tokyo)


this illustration was done for the supermodel, sussan zeck.
it is the before and after shots so you can see what kind
of work goes into sugar powering something. (heh)

anyhow, hope you like it as much as I do.
have a lovely day!

schwepps campaign

luckily i met up with an amazing and wildly passionate
art director to collaborate on this schwepps campaign
which is going off the rails. people love it!

it is very rewarding to get so much feedback on
something i worked very hard on.

and the possibilities are flourishing!


schwepps has helped me many a hungover morning.


flickr updates

i dunno for a sort of good time if you
wanna see some pretending to be
kinky artworks and updates you can
look at my

flickr page


schwepps billboard

i am very happy to reveal the new illustration
i did for GPYR in melbourne for Schwepps.

you will likely see these billboards all over
the streets. exciting!

i love it when a job turns out well
especially a clever one so i have to thank
the wonderful art director
david ponce de leon
who is pure firecracker
and a blast to work with.


i can't remember if i posted this before but
this lovely darling is my latest girl-crush

her blog thrills me over and over and
over again. take a look:


sex glimmer 2

and 4 more makes 9.

super love

sex glimmer

i have started a new series of sketches
called sex glimmer. i intend to paint them.

i hope you like them. i have 9 so far.
seems like a sexy number. but then
so does 3 and 13. who knows.

i will stick with 9 for now.

here are the first 5.