featured in DESIGNER magazine

the lint museum will be featured in
the upcoming issue of DESIGNER magazine
out of singapore

it is the INTERACTIVE issue

we had a very funny interview
the other night over the phone

buy it
it is a fantastic magazine
with a great new editor

julian stone

also featured this month
the celebrated
tomato interactive
out of the uk


working on a poster
for rock legends

music vs physics
and 7 other bands

and the bandit musicians
in the poster are
making me want to
open up the costume trunk
at home at

fire on all


i don't know you

i don't know you but i
feel close to you

recognize things in your name
which remind me
of elementary school

i don't know you but i feel you
when i look at your photograph

its as though we've had conversations
about suicide and other life-altering mishaps
in the past

i don't know you, but i

like you
and find myself caring without
even thinking

i don't know you

but i would like to

watch you tie your shoes while
taking sips of coffee

just before we set out
onto that

long path