i like learning about you
as we go

i like that your backpack
is made of dough

and the flaps are flaky pastries

i like that you put fruit juice
on your cereal

and that nothing scares you

i hear your phrases
even when you have gone away

and can smell your presence
from over the phone

i like that your mind
has several external hard-drives

which all buzz at once
when you start talking

and i like the hot rainbow
of holy smoke
when you kiss me

and hold me
with your


other days

some days
i dont know who i am i
look in the mirror

and i cant tell

am i young?
am i old?

am i closer to myself?
am i further?

whose feet are these?
do they look strange to others?

when will i die?
what will cause it?

will my children be sad or
secretly relieved?

will i even have children?

i look and i look and then i think

i know!

i will run in the meadows
without clothes

i love

i love rotten bastards
who steal peoples parking spots

and thin trees that crack
upon the slightest wind

i love the forest
with your name upon it
and the oceans
your hands make
when they fall over me

i love the naked breath it takes
to get anything heard around here

i love the hurting and the formless song
we take on when we aren't talking

i love the hernia and the band-aid
and the wisp and smoke

i love the daunted
and the unkempt
and the unbound

i love the fever pitch
and the west wind
and the wizards lips

as he recites rhyming

i love the horse fly
and the stains
and the wild trophies

you have left behind

when we falter

little octopus limb

your little octopus limb
wraps around me
when we are near water

like you want to take me
down into the deepest blue

you like being tangled you
you feel better

between things

am the opposite

i like wandering
further across the desert


all of the soft things

which merge

scared or floating

i don't feel scared so much

or floating

just not part of the noise


this love is like licorice
in my mouth

and i am clinging to it

with the audacity of a child

and the forethought
of an adult

making time machines
in my mouth

as i chew

thimbles of doubt

i used to ride on thimbles of doubt
but now i take provisions

for the ground

the devil's picnic

your soft voice
in the nocturnal forest

where we were surrounded
by the feeling of trees

black shapes shifted
in the back of the woods

a lot like sendak

and we layed our items out
on a blanket
crafted from hair

a breeze snuck in
from someplace


and the animals
were taciturn

you showed me your wares
and i was astonished

a yellow moon hung above us
slowly filling

with ominous orange

and there was no one around

not even the small breathless ones
that carried us there

i think even the grass was asleep

and you poured me the potions
from your travelled cup

and i drank them

thinking nothing

nothing is so unbearable as

being strange

little things

i like looking for little things
in tiny places

that way
even the bus stop

is a garden of symbols

not in the
kind of way

but simply


with meaning

additional thanks

i also want to thank and shake some boobs at
the following people who continue to inspire me
on a daily basis whether they know it or not:

suzanne hancock
amber doyle
taras grescoe
robert scott mcmillan
thomas vogel

sabrina ward harrison
andrea scher
keri smith
tiphanie brooke

art perry
celia king
anna stokke
eiko kawano

jeffry lee

and lia!

without these people
i would surely be



i am finally going to launch my new site


it has been a year in the making
and i could not have done it without:

john power + stewart haines

both darling friends to me
and always there during

the hard times

little pony

i never wanted a pony
but i did want

you to get to know me

so i could show you my skills
and maybe

bake some cakes for you
when you were feeling low


once in a while
and i wish it were more often

i step into a dream

i am walking
and i see this car
and this wild haze
comes over me

and i get into the car
and start it
by sparking some wires

and it is all too easy

and then
i drive down coastal terrain
and the glove compartment is filled
with those little liquor bottles
like a mini bar

and i drink some

and you are hitch-hiking
and i am so glad it is you
on the side of the road

because we haven't seen each other in a while

and it is good to talk

besides which
you have excellent taste in music
and are always into something new

which you now showcase on my car stereo
while you open the little whiskeys
with the other hand

it is all quite miraculous
and obscenely beautiful

but that is always what happens

when you are in my vicinity

game over

i think
ending things
is often

as a celebratory

one time
when i quit my job

me and my girlfriend
took bottles of champagne

and ran through the fields
covered ourselves
with cherry blossoms

and got

really drunk


i believe you can find beauty anywhere
i like it

when the street signs

hug and kiss me, blow

sweet nothings
to me

in traffic

little nurse

i will be your little nurse

i will prop you up in bed
polish your windows
so the sun shines in

i will arrange your pills cleverly
so you don't mix them up

i will feed you apple mousse
and sweet biscuits
until you feel slightly sick
from all the


i will hug you
and fluff up your pillow

i will take care of you
when you have forgotten

your own self

and misplaced
the golden



i try not to lament too much
but sometimes


the glasses are empty

tattoos and sushi

i love tattoos
and sushi

not necessarily

in that order

but being feisty

has got me out of
some really weird

and a few taxis
helped too


you are so baroque
it frightens me

i wonder
what you are up to

now that you have wandered
into the ether

your vulnerabilities
were lily pads

made you larger
than life

your honesty was a trigger
for my hunger

and we ate mountains of time

inside little swamps of love

space ship

i want to build a space ship
and fly out this window

cracker jacks

he ate a lot of cracker jacks
and cheerios

you know, happy food

he was

the grouchiest asshole

i have ever met

7 things

black linen

swimming at night

liquor tracks

orange crush


i did not know you

there was a time

i did not know you
but i thought
you could walk on water

i could see you
passing across the stream

i thought i loved you
but i did not know you

hovering above the water like that

with panther steady movements
slipping across time

and all wave-lengths

and now i do know you

and i love you

like there is a freight train
driving it



you are my hero

i am thinking of you




i wish i could absorb color
like scent, give off the aura of blue
when i need to or

emanate red

i wish i could absorb the essence of you
or hold it in my mouth a while at least
like liquid i wish

i could spray parts of you onto
the parts of me that lack

like your bravery
at this moment

which must have been stolen
directly from a fairytale

because it is so beautiful

and audibly sincere


some things are riddled inside the heart
twisted so tight they become part
of the muscle