lola devola

hey guys look!

it is my ma, lola devola.

ain't she something?

any fan-mail you wish to
send to her you can send
to me and i will print it out
for her

she is still learning the

i love her i do

hi mom!

my new home

i am going to build a home
and it is going to look
a little something 

like this

pip & pop 2

i know, i know
i have included pip & pop 
before but

mother of pearl

just look at this!

if all our meals were made of those
colorful little flinstones vitamins
maybe, just maybe

we could conjure images like this

on a really, really, really
good day


this girl lolita 
is a real gem

if you ever need a dose of

fall into her blog

it dreams the dreams for you
it is a kind of sigh machine

photo illustration

okay this week's obsession is 

there are many kinds but 
here are a friendly few

just to get you started

photo-illustration 2

or how about marie taillefer

for a little french fashion 
photo illustration

try to say that 
really fast

with a pack of jelly babies
in your mouth

sugar shop

o dear!

i think i forgot to tell you
i opened my very first shop


i am selling 
limited edition prints that 
come with some secret
mystery features

you will have to buy one
to find out

in the meantime
keep checking in

the collection of images
will evolve