i have always had a soft spot for chain-smokers

sometimes you meet a stranger
maybe the stranger is your friend
and you don't even know how close
you really are

but they are still a stranger

suddenly you flutter
and everything around you shifts
swirls into new directions

and strange is still strange
but better strange

a kind of enlightening

without purpose or meaning
or beginning or end

makes you feel awake, alive

sometimes there is simply
nothing more beautiful
than watching another human being
smoking a cigarette

this week for me was a week of strangeness
it replenished all the thoughts
i thought i lost about mystery

and the infinite beauty of faces

it is a simple antidote just to
look at someone unique

and bask
in their existence

like the most
incredible film

glimpse at HOW feature

here is a little glimpse of the feature
i have in the October issue of HOW magazine

it is just a sneak peek but thought it
would be nice for those of you who
cannot access the magazine from where
you live

surprisingly, i had no trouble at all finding
it in mexico which is a pretty good sign
i'd say

the photo is from my birthday

happy birthday, ha

well thank you!

Que Pasa Cover

in san miguel de allende, mexico
there is a very cool newspaper printed
both in spanish and english called


they have a pull-out entertainment section
called que pasa and luckily i was able to do
their cover illustration for this week

but what is even better is
now i am going to be
doing illustrations for them on an on-going basis

can you think of a better way to get to know a town,
its people and whats the happs

more on this one soon