the art of little things

my name is sugar. i have been working as a freelance 

award-winning illustrator for many years. i have illustrated

for ad agencies, book publishers, newspapers, magazines,

film companies and the music industry.

i am an avid traveller. a bit of a gypsy, really. 

i have a master's degree in animation and a bachelor degree 

in art history. i put myself through school cooking for swiss 

catering companies and making elaborate treats 

at swiss bakeries. 

i want to find a way to combine all my loves and recently 

unearthed the art of styling. 

it is like it was in front of me the whole time. 

like some kind of fairy-tale.

my aim now is to work with food and prop stylists to learn 

about the aesthetics of arrangement as well as the mechanics

of the business as a whole. 

i'd eventually like fold that knowledge back into my own artwork.

you can see a spark of that at my new site