sometimes i think i am a moat

surrounding you with a dull life foam

and then i realize i am a
hurricane of love

in your blue water

i want to be a lagoon
of fevered green ecstasy

not waves, really
or any other mess of water

just a moment of ferment, fervent
perfect and fecund

devilishly kind flowers blossoming
while it happens

and my fire could never be squelched
by your dire strings of reason

dying, drying everything

while i lay back
in my sick swamp as the arrows
stack into me

you report nothing
from your long beach chair
impossible glutton
of harmlessness

thus fraudulent and gorgeous
adulterous laughter appears
from nowhere, everywhere

let us laugh

let us
wait for your emotion to
appear, let us


know how good pink looks
alongside green

in this inevitable sequence of events