kick boxing

i went to see kick boxing last night and
let me tell you it was
nothing like i thought it would be
it was quite


half dance and a hell of a lot of
punching but

there was a man there who had
only sideburns

nothing else

like an invisible man, really
just a big pair of bushy sideburns

i kind of loved it

i am not sure i am allowed to say it but
the girls in the audience looked tougher
than the boxers

and the boxers in the audience swayed
with the same movements of the men in the ring
shaking the benches

so you knew
who was truly participating and who
was just watching

like the well-groomed businessmen slightly
salivating on the side for some unknown


i was struck with astonishment that i lasted
the evening there and that i fell in love
with at least one

of the boxers