once in a while
and i wish it were more often

i step into a dream

i am walking
and i see this car
and this wild haze
comes over me

and i get into the car
and start it
by sparking some wires

and it is all too easy

and then
i drive down coastal terrain
and the glove compartment is filled
with those little liquor bottles
like a mini bar

and i drink some

and you are hitch-hiking
and i am so glad it is you
on the side of the road

because we haven't seen each other in a while

and it is good to talk

besides which
you have excellent taste in music
and are always into something new

which you now showcase on my car stereo
while you open the little whiskeys
with the other hand

it is all quite miraculous
and obscenely beautiful

but that is always what happens

when you are in my vicinity